I have been making this recipe for a few years now. It is SOOOO delicious and could not be simpler. Once the prep is done, the work is basically over!
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This is an incredibly quick and easy weeknight dinner. Serve with a side of steamed green beans or asparagus. Or on a bitter greens salad. Yummy!
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Gerard Vives is a pepper specialist who lives in the south of France. I am besotted with his recipe for a single perfect egg with white peppercorns, herbs from the garden and a singular syrup of honey and balsamic vinegar.
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This easy marinade creates a candied salmon fillet that melts in your mouth under a black pepper crust. This recipe is from our friend Bob Blumer, author of The Surreal Gourmet cookbook series.
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isaac posted 22:02, 21 Sep 2007

yah, where the hell are your recipes?


Ruby posted 17:27, 14 Sep 2007

Where are all your amazing recipes? I need some Erin originals!